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Here you can leave messages or make announcements or advertise new books. Are you looking for someone to fill in a questionnaire if you carry out a survey? Planning a meeting or a conference or a summer school?

Tell us, and we will put it for you on the notice board. Our Bulletin is online, too, so it will reach a target group beyond the SIDG. Just send a mail to the editors [editor [at]] and the secretary [secretary [at]] referring to “notice board".


☞ Announcements aiming at being published on this website should be sent to the webmaster under secretary [at]


  • We mourn the loss of our founding member Professor Godsuno Chela Flores, who passed away yesterday. He lived in Spain with his wife after his expulsion from Argentina. His services to dialectology are undisputed. He was an essential member of the SIDG society and made himself indispensable in many ways.

  • Dear colleagues from all over the world who apply for a publication in our journal - we are really happy and proud to receive your articles. However: We are a Society's journal and it is the members who finance its publication by their members' fees. Our global map above shows the countries and the parts of the world our members come from.

    Please, do accept that - the same academic level given - I (as the journal's editor) will prefer members' contributions to those of non-members. During the last year, we have had an enormous number of applications about languages from India, Iran, Iraq, and various African languages.

    Tremendous quantities of time have been spent on administering these articles, which could fill two complete issues of our journal. We are afraid that our members are not familiar with these languages and it is hard to follow up details.

    Please make sure that, when applying for publication in DiG, you agree to become a member for at least three years (50€ each year, 140€ for three years in advance). As soon as your membership is confirmed, we will start the process of peer-reviewing. Nevertheless, we will prefer contributions on languages and dialects in countries of a majority of members.

    If you are willing to accept these conditions, you are warmly welcome.

    Before sending your article, please, contact the editor because of technical details. You will get a style sheet or pattern for writing which helps to minimise problems and too much work on both sides. Thank you very much in advance! Please share.

    (the editor


  • Dialectologia et Geolinguistica has been indexed in ERIH PLUS since 2008. Due to new demands for transparency and assurance of data quality, ERIH PLUS is currently revising all journals according to the ERIH PLUS criteria.

We were happy to learn that our journal "Dialectologia et Geolinguistica" has again been approved in ERIH PLUS according to the criteria.



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  • In accordance with our publishers, de Gruyter Mouton, we have recently updated our general Journal Style Sheet. As many of you were already aware, various sections were no longer up-to-date, e.g., footnotes (not endnotes!), and minor updates have been made throughout. A new section has also be added: section 9, audio and video.

    Please note that in future you will have to have your article checked by a native speaker before sending it for peer-review. We can no longer provide this service free of charge and would like to ask you to provide us with the checker's name and e-mail so we can contact him / her if need be. This also extends to the abstract. 

    Thanks for your cooperation!
    Astrid van Nahl (editor-in-chief)