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 Dialectologia et Geolinguistica

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Dialectologia et Geolinguistica publishes contributions on the variation of languages world-wide, systematic and inherent, diachronic and synchronic, regional and social, based on either oral or written data. It is open to all theoretical and methodological approaches. The journal also furthers interdisciplinary research. Moreover,  Dialectologia et Geolinguistica carries reports on the scholarly activities of national language research institutes, reviews, and conference reports.

Dialectologia et Geolinguistica is the official journal of the International Society for Dialectology and Geolinguistics (ISDG/SIDG) and a peer-reviewed journal of international scope.



The volumes

Volume 31 (2023)

  • Prepositional Usage in Modern Irish: Range and Variation ( Seosamh Watson)
  • The North Ukrainian dialect of Vyšneve in the East Slavic context: towards a final description (part 2) (Salvatore Del Gaudio)
  • Geographical Variation of Systems of Sibling Terms in Asia and Africa (Chitsuko Fukushima)
  • Diversidad denominativa del pisum sativum en español: Una historia de variedad y confusión (Gonzalo Águila Escobar)
  • Quantitative Perspectives on the Geolinguistic Structures of Dialect Morphology in Austria (Philip C. Vergeiner)
  • A synchronic and diachronic reappraisal of Indo-European *dʱug̑ʱh2ter- ‘daughter’ and *suhxnú- ‘son’ in Celtic dialects, Insular and Continental (Art J. Hughes)
  • Juegos con Propósito para la Anotación del Corpus Oral So-noro del Español Rural (Rosa Lilia Segundo Díaz, Johnatan E. Bonilla, Miriam Bouzouita & Gustavo Rovelo Ruiz)

Volume 30 (2022)

  • Csaba Földes: Deutschsprachige Regionalpresse im Ausland. Fall¬studie am Beispiel der „Batschkaer Spuren“
  • Salvatore Del Gaudio: The North Ukrainian dialect of Vyšneve in the East Slavic context: Towards a final description
  • Danila Zuljan Kumar: Strategies for establishing discourse coherence. The case of Slovene dialectal discourse Romanian words of German origin
  • Fumio Inoue, Yasushi Hanzawa, Kazuko Tanabe & Akemi Yama-shita: Real time and memory time of “father“
  • Amanda Cole: Hispanic-American dialectology in the 16th century. Penetration of Americanisms in Nicolas Monardes’ Historia Medicinal
  • Hispanic-American dialectology in the 16th century. Penetration of Americanisms in Nicolas Monardes’ Historia Medicinal (María-Teresa Cáceres-Lorenzo)
  • Postposed topic specification across the Sahara. An areal phenomenon (Mena B. Lafkioui)
  • Luxemburger Wirtshausnamen (Fernande Krier)

Volume 29 (2021)

  • Désignation et représentation des éléments topographiques dans les dialectes de France : synthèse générale (relief, cours d’eau, cavernes) (Philippe Del Giuduce)
  • Sources in historical dialectology ( Barbara Bába)
  • Romanian words of German origin (Manuela Nevaci)
  • Language variation and change in the formation of Greek superlative constructions ( Dimitra Melissaropoulou & Christos Papanagiotou)
  • Joseph Wright’s sources in the English Dialect Dictionary: Evidence of spoken English from EDD Online (Manfred Markus)
  • Les expression météorologiques. Une approche contrastive allemand / luxembourgeois / français (Fernande Krier )
  • On continental Basque dialects and some aspects of their chronology ( Iñaki Camin)
  • First approaches to an underexplored dialect region: Trudgill’s Upper South-west ( Esther Asprey, Ella Jeffries, Eleftherios Kailoglou)
  • The situation of English speaker’s place of origin depending on Chinese dialects (Min Wang)

Volume 28 (2020)

  • Elements of a sociolinguistic theory: The case of Breton (Gary Manchec-German)
  • Désignation et représentation des éléments topographiques dans les dialectes de France: l’élévation de terrain (Philippe Del Giudice)
  • Grundzüge der sizilianischen Prosodie (Francesco Rodriquez, Paolo Roseano & Wendy Elvira-García)
  • Dialect vocabulary changes over 100 years. Standardization and new dialect forms in Hama¬ogi glossary (Fumio Inoue & Yasushi Hanzawa)
  • Rif Berber: From Senhaja to Iznasen. A qualitative and quantitative approach to classification (Mena B. Lafkioui )

Volume 27 (2019)

  • Ther varom mid j hia: Tracing linguistic diffusion in the history of Norwegian using kernel density estimation (Tam Blaxter)
  • Latgalian surnames as a source of research in dialectology and language contact studies (Anna Stafecka)
  • The geolinguistics of the Ibero-Romance comitative (Victor Lara)
  • The sub-dialects of South-Western Kurzeme from a historical perspective (Liene Markus-Narvila)
  • EDD Online: What is new in its latest version 3.0 (Manfred Markus)
  • Pragmatic functions of repetitions in spontaneous spoken dialect discourse (Danila Zuljan Kumar)
  • Competing norms (Manuela Lanwermeyer, Johanna Fanta-Jende, Alexandra N. Lenz, Katharina Korecky-Kröll)

Volume 26 (2018)

  • Spatial categories in Aquilan (Francesco-Alessio Ursini and Hai-Ping Long)
  • Geolinguistic complexity in Berber. Structural and algorithmic perspectives (Mena B. Lafkioui)
  • Sammarinese, the Endangered Language of the Republic of San Marino: A Preliminary Study of Documen-tation and Description (Simona Montanari)
  • Colloquial features in the syntax of spoken media in Maribor (Alenka Valh Lopert)
  • Polish dialectal wild herbaceous plant names against a Slavic and European background (Jadwiga Waniakowa)
  • Prosodical System of the Northern Auk-štaitian dialect of Panevėžys of the Lithuanian Language (Genovaitė Kačiuškienė)
  • Dialectal speech of youth as a part of their personal and national identity (Melita Zemljak Jontes and Simona Pulko)

Volume 25 (2017)

  • From field notebooks to automatic mapping: the Atlas Lingüístico Galego database (Xulio Sousa)
  • Four low central vowels in Eastern Andalusian Spanish: underlying /-s/, /-r/, and /-θ/ in El Ejido (Alfredo Herrero de Haro)
  • The role of dialect in mother tongue of Slovene Canadians: a case study (Nada Šabec and Mihaela Koletnik)
  • Motor-concept variation in the German verbs anfassen, angreifen, anlangen. Differences between Austria, Germany and Switzerland (Timo Ahlers and Juliane Fink)
  • Patrones de ergatividad en el español peninsular (Victor Lara)
  • Language ideologies, intervarietal conflict and their repercussions on language and society: the case of the Hispanic dialect complex (Godsuno Chela-Flores)

Volume 24 (2016)

  • Atlas of the Baltic Languages: Thematic Groups of Vocabulary (Anna Stafecka)
  • Analysis of the morphological variation of Basque (Gotzon Aurrekoetxea)
  • A Contribution to the diachronic study of Galician and Portuguese prosodies (Elisa Fernández Rei, Lurdes de Castro Moutinho, Rosa Lídia Coimbra)
  • Implicational scales in colloquial Belgian Dutch (Anne-Sophie Ghyselen, Jacques van Keymeulen)
  • Secondary Types of Pitch Accents of the Northern Aukštaitian Dialect of Panevėžys of the Lithuanian Language (Genovaitė Kačiuškienė)
  • A quantitative approach to Swiss German – Dialectometric analyses and comparisons of linguistic levels (Yves Scherrer, Philipp Stoeckle)
  • Nynorn: Die Rekonstruktion des Norn (Natalie Korobzow)
  • A proposed order of historical emergence of Esan speech varieties (Ikoyo-Eweto Evarista Ofure

Volume 23 (2015)

  • Young people’s perspective of Maribor vernacular (Melita Zemljak Jontes & Simona Pulko)
  • English regional dialect lexis in the names and occupations of the Gloucestershire Cotswolds: A reassessment of the relationship between names and dialects (Harry Parkin)
  • Les diphtongues secondaires dans le parler picard d’Aubers (Nord)  au début du XXème siècle (Fernand Carton)
  • Diffusion trends and Nahuatlisms of American Spanish: Evidence from dialectal vocabularies (María-Teresa Cáceres-Lorenzo)
  • Taro or Oyster? The production merger of the two mid back vowels, [o] and [ɔ], in a major dialect of Taiwan Southern Min (Huiju Hsu)
  • Contacto lingüístico y transferencia prosódica bajo una perspectiva diacrónica: El caso del alguerés (Paolo Roseano et al.)

Volume 22 (2014)

  • A note on the etymology and lexicology relating to traditional European pulses in the Celtic languages (Mikić, Aleksandar)
  • On phonological variations in Kafrelsheikh Egyptian Arabic (Al-Ghalban, Laila Abdel-Aal)
  • The Romanian linguistic cartography in the digitizing era: the electronic atlases (Olariu, Florin-Teodor / Olariu, Veronica)
  • Variation in the realization of /εi/ by Dutch youngsters: from local urban dialects to emerging ethnolects? (Meel, Linda van / Hinskens, Frans / Hout, Roeland van)
  • A note on the words in the Baltic languages for some of the most ancient European grain legume crops (Mikic, Aleksandar)
  • The degree of union resulting from reaction points expressed in a diatopic table. An application to a Catalan verb morphology database (Ueda, Hiroto / Perea, Maria-Pilar)
  • Flektierte Familiennamen im Luxemburgischen (Krier, Fernande)

Volume 21 (2013)

  • The acoustic and articulatory characteristics of Cape Breton fricative /t/ (Hunt Gardener, Matt)
  • Recent research in Aromanian from the Republic of Macedonia (Nevaci, Manuela)
  • División dialectal de Costa Rica según sus hablantes (Quesada Pacheco, Miguel Ángel)
  • Phonetic Adaptation of Loanwords in Cypriot Turkish (Sultanzade, Vügar)
  • Pitch Alignment in Welsh English – The case of rising tones in Ceredigion (Quaino, Stefano)
  • Was ist Russlanddeutsch und warum brauchen wir es? Einblicke und Ausblicke aus der Sicht der deutschen Dialektologie (Stellmacher, Dieter)
  • The situation of dialectologists within the new integrated linguistics: the case of Atlantic Spanish (Chela-Flores, Godsuno)
  • Words for traditional Eurasian grain legumes in Uralic languages (Mikić, Aleksandar /Stoddard, Frederick L.)

Volume 20 (2012)

  • Folk accounts of dialect differences in Tyne and Wear (Pearce, Michael)
  • Expressing local identity through radio discourse (Valh Lopert, Alenka / Koletnik, Mihaela)
  • The geographical distribution of typologically diverse comparative constructions of superiority in Purepecha (Chamoreau, Claudine)
  • Origin and diversity of the words denoting some traditional Eurasian pulse crops in Mongolic and Tungusic (Mikić, Aleksandar / Perić, Vesna)
  • Automatic detection of radial structures in dialect maps: determining diffusion centers (Meschenmoser, Daniel / Pröll, Simon)
  • Mapping The Existing Phonology of English Dialects (Maguire, Warren)
  • La dialectologie perceptuelle: problèmes et perspectives (Falkert, Anika)

Volume 19 (2011)

  • Exploring a perceptual dialect boundary in North East England (Pearce, Michael)
  • Developing a database for dialectometric studies: The ALGa phonetic data. Dialectometrical analysis of 230 working maps (Dubert, Francisco)
  • How system-internal linguistic factors indicate language change and diffusion. A geolinguistic analysis of Berber data (Lafkioui, Mena)
  • Post-stressed vowel system of a Portuguese regional variety (Candeias, Sara / de Morais Barbosa, Jorge)
  • When Spain meets Morocco: discourses, language choices and linguistic policy in Ceuta and Melilla (Knoerrich Aldabo, Isabel A.)

Volume 18 (2010)

  • Is Nigerian Pidgin English English? (Akande, Akinmade T.)
  • Dialects of the Regions of Moravica and Upper Studenica (in the Serbian Language) (Nikolić, Vidan)
  • Mots et expressions qualifiant le mélange des langues en picard et en flamand de France (Carton, Fernand)
  • Realisierungen von /r/ im alemannischen Sprachraum (Schrambke, Renate)
  • Quantification and Statistical Analysis of Structural Similarities in Dialectological Area-Class Maps (Rumpf, Jonas / Pickl, Simon / Elspaß, Stephan / König, Werner / Schmidt, Volker)
  • Applying Quantitative Analysis Techniques to La flexió verbal en els dialectes catalans (Perea, Maria-Pilar / Ueda, Hiroto)

Volume 17 (2009)

  • The Dialectal Survey: A Critical Revision of Some Methodological Aspects (Aurrekoetxea, Gotzon / Perea, Maria-Pilar)
  • The Influence of the Grammatical Category of Number on Neuter Nouns in Slovene Dialects (Jakop, Tjaša)
  • Some Features of Prosodic Elements and Vowel Phonemes of the Northern Aukštaitian Dialect of Panevėžys of Lithuania (Kačiuškienė, Genovaitė)
  • Besonderheiten der Umgangssprache der Litauer Lettlands: Gebrauch der Präpositionen (Kvašytė, Regina)
  • Les langues minoritaires en Méditerranée occidentale : entre régression, affirmation et mondialisation (Manzano, Francis)
  • La palatalisation de gl en Normandie (Brasseur, Patrice)
  • Year of first attestation of Standard Japanese Forms and Gravity Centre by Railway Distance (Inoue, Fumio)

Volume 16 (2008)

  • On the Emergence of the Progressive and other Aspectual Formations in Irish and Celtic (Corráin, Ailbhe Ó)
  • Defining User Access to the Romanian Online Dialect Atlas (Embleton, Sheila / Uritescu, Dorin / Wheeler, Eric S.)
  • The New Method and Findings of Geolinguistics, using Linguistic Atlases from every Decade with regard to the Phrase “It will be fine tomorrow.” (Ebata, Yoshio)
  • hin vs. her – hier vs. dort/da. The Neutralization of the Speaker's Perspective – A Case-Study of Semantic (Inter-)Subjectification in German Dialects (Girnth, Heiko / Michel, Sascha)
  • Syntactic Language Change in a German Dialect: Replacement or Reanalysis of a Construction? (Geyer, Klaus)
  • Latvian in Siberia: The Present and Prospects (Stafecka, Anna)
  • Obituary / Nécrologie / Nachruf Takesi Sibata, Juli 14, 1918 - July 12, 2007.

Volume 15 (2007)

  • Estudio del campo léxico de la vaca en gallego: el pescuezo (Pérez, Xosé-Afonso Álvarez)
  • Language Change and Areal Linguistics: Notes on Western Piedmont (Cerruti, Massimo / Regis, Riccardo)
  • Dialect Boom in Japan (Jinnouchi, Masataka)
  • Terminologie des Töpferhandwerks aus dem Übermurgebiet/Prekmurje (Koletnik, Mihaela)
  • Ternary Deictic System in Aromanian (Nevaci, Manuela)
  • Dedialectalization or the Death of a Dialect: The Case of the Catalan Subdialect Spoken in the Costa Brava (Perea, Maria-Pilar)
  • Atlas Linguistiques Roumains (Saramandu, Nicolae)
  • Changing from Syllable-Rhythm to Word-Rhythm: Parallels between Danish and Northern Alemannic (Schrambke, Renate)
  • Summer Course: Linguistic Geography of the Iberian Peninsula: Projects and Methods (Fernández, Xulio Sousa / Pérez, Xosé-Afonso Álvarez)

Volume 14 (2006)

  • A Look at a Forgotten Dimension in Dialectal Description: Articulatory Settings or Corpo-Vocal Memory? (Chela-Flores, Godsuno)
  • Du brittonique à l’anglais africain-américain vernaculaire (AAAV): l’étrange odyssée de be et do périphrastique habituels (German, Gary D.)
  • Interjektionen im Lëtzebuergeschen (Krier, Fernande)
  • Dialectology and Onomastics (Viereck, Wolfgang)
  • The Atlas Linguarum Europae - A Brief Presentation (Viereck, Wolfgang)
  • L’importance de la question jakobsonienne sur l’«essence de la langue» à la lumière de l’analyse des patois mixtes et transitoires de la région frontalière polono-ukrainienne (Warchoł, Stefan)

Volume 13 (2005)

  • Pour une adaptation du modèle européen d’enseignement des langues étrangères en contextes latino-américains (Chareille, Samantha)
  • A Numerical Approach to Phonetics (Inglis, Robert)
  • Travel time as a predictor of linguistic distance (Gooskens, Charlotte)
  • "Blendfreundlichkeit“ im Deutschen, Englischen und Japanischen. Versuch einer nachhaltigen Definition des hybriden Wortbildungsphänomens und einer Argumentation für dessen unterschiedliche Frequenz in den untersuchten Sprachen (Oebel, Guido)
  • A Geolinguistic Study on the History of Acceptance of the Christian Vocabulary in the Northwestern Area of the Kyushu District of Japan (Ogawa, Shunsuke)

Volume 12 (2004)

  • The Czech Linguistic Atlas—Culmination of the Geolinguistic Efforts of Czech Dialectologists (Čižmárová, Libuše)
  • Developments in Southeast European Cross-Language Areal Linguistics (Mladenova, Olga M.)
  • New Techniques and Old Corpora: La flexió verbal en els dialectes catalans (Alcover-Moll, 1929—1932). Systematisation and Mapping of a Morphological Corpus (Perea, Maria-Pilar)
  • Cognitive, Cultural, and Pragmatic Aspects of Dialectal Phraseology—Exemplified by the Low German Dialect “Westmünsterländisch” (Piirainen, Elisabeth)
  • Bedeutungswandel einiger Lehnwörter in der Alemannia unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des südwestdeutschen Sprachgebietes (Schrambke, Renate)

Volume 11 (2003)

  • Analysis of the Lexicon of Central Valencian on the Basis of the Atles Linguistic de la Comunitat Valenciana (Casanova, Emili)
  • Languages of Old Wales: A Case for Co-existence (Falileyev, Alexander)
  • Lexical Peculiarities in the Russian Speech of Descendants of Russian Emigrants in France (Golubeva-Monatkina, Natalia)
  • Applications informatiques au Computer Developed Linguistic Atlas of England (CLAE) (Ramisch, Heinrich / Viereck, Wolfgang)
  • Sprache und Sprachgebrauch in der ungarischen Diaspora Oberösterreichs (Zelliger, Erzsébet)
  • 60th Anniversary of the Institute for the Bulgarian Language at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia (Baltova, Julia)

Volume 10 (2002)

  • Les aires linguistiques au Paraná: Une proposition de délimitation (de Andrade Aguilera, Vanderci)
  • Die Datenbank zum Forschungsprojekt Phonologie Niedersächsischer Dialekte und das Niedersächsische Dialektarchiv (Appel, Heinz-Wilfried)
  • Old and New Issues in Spanish Dialectology: The Venezuelan Data (Chela-Flores, Bertha / Chela-Flores, Godsuno)
  • Proklitika und Enklitika im Lëtzebuergeschen (Krier, Fernande)
  • A Report on the Corpus Oral Dialectal del Català Actual (COD) (Lloret, Maria-Rosa / Perea, M. Pilar)
  • The Commentaries to the Lexical Maps of the Atlas Linguarum Fennicarum (Oja, Vilja)
  • Dialect Research at the National Institute for the Japanese Language (Onishi, Takuichiro)
  • A Tribute/Würdigung/Une appréciation: Professor Dr. Toon Weijnen

Volume 9 (2001)

  • Denomination Principles for Head and Shoulder Coverings in Regional Subdialects of Latvian (Jansone, Ilga)
  • Zur Typologie der Dialekte in der deutschsprachigen Schweiz: Ein dialektometrischer Versuch (Kelle, Bernhard)
  • Rheinische Wortgeographie — dialektometrische Kartenauswertung (Möller, Robert)
  • VIVALDI - ein sprechender Sprachatlas im Internet als Beispiel für die automatisierte, computergestützte Sprachatlasgenerierung und -präsentation (Müller, Marcel Lucas / Köhler, Carola / Kattenbusch, Dieter)
  • Computational Comparison and Classification of Dialects (Nerbonne, John / Heeringa, Wilbert)
  • DBT-ALT: a System for Storing and Querying the Data of the Atlante Lessicale Toscano (ALT) (Picchi, Eugenio / Montemagni, Simonetta / Biagini, Lisa)

Volume 8 (2000)

  • The Ancient Relationship of the Latgalian, Selonian and Zhemaitian Tribal Languages (Breidaks, Antons)
  • Vers une nouvelle linguistique historique: L’ouvrage de Mario Alinei, Origini delle lingue d’Europa (Contini, Michel)
  • Using a Personal Computer to Grasp Dialectal Variation (Fukushima, Chitsuko)
  • Zu einigen Besonderheiten der Mundarten des polnisch-ukrainischen Grenzgebiets (Greszczuk, Barbara)
  • The Syntactic Construction of the Type (el) kell menjek in Standard Hungarian and the Influence of Transylvanian Hungarian Dialects (Posgay, Ildikó)
  • The ‘Personal’ Numeral Category in the Goidelic Brauch of Celtic (Watson, Seosamh)

Volume 7 (1999)

  • Erhebungen lettischer Dialektdaten (Blinkena, Aina)
  • Scandinavian Ski Terminology and Its Dialectal Distribution (Dalen, Arnold)
  • A New Interpretation of Dialect Atlas Data of Two Age Groups in Japan (Ebata, Yoshio)
  • The Tree of Language: A Cladistic Look at the Genetic Classification of Languages (Gąsiorowski, Piotr)
  • Das Kartierungssystem des Sprachatlas von Bayerisch-Schwaben (König, Werner)
  • De quelques problèmes d’interférence et d’intégration linguistique sur des territoires ethniquement différenciés (Warchol, Stefan)

Volume 6 (1998)

  • L’Atlas Linguistique Roman (Contini, Michel)
  • Letters from Early Australia — Linguistic Variation and Change (Fritz, Clemens)
  • Historische deutsche Wortgeographie und Dialektlexikographie. Eine Fallstudie zum Wortschatz der Hildegrad von Bingen (Hildebrandt, Reiner)
  • Das Projekt ‘Südwestdeutscher Sprachatlas’ (Kelle, Bernhard)
  • The Influence of Russian on Sentential Subordination in Komi Zyryan (Leinonen, Marja)

Volume 5 (1997)

  • Magico-Religious Motivations in European Dialects: A Contribution to Archaeolinguistics (Alinei, Mario)
  • The Role of Dialects in Language Planning, Codification and Standardization: The Case of Corsican (Birken-Silverman, Gabriele)
  • A Nineteenth-century Report on the Pronunciation of Australian English (Kniezsa, Veronika)
  • Les dialectes roumains (Saramandu, Nicolae)
  • Schulung, Sprachkenntnisse, Sprachgebrauch in einer Emigrantengemeinschaft (Zelliger, Erzsébet)

Volume 4 (1996)

  • Schwedische Mundarten: Eine Übersicht (Åneman, Claes)
  • The Danish Article-Isomorph.(The So-called ‘Most Famous Dialect Boundary in Denmark’) (Ejskjær, Inger)
  • Signification géolinguistique des mots représentant la monnaie et la mesure de superficie dans les actes du sud de la Champagne au XIIIe siècle (Kawaguchi, Yuji)
  • The Transfer of Native American Terms as Placenames in the United States (Smith, Grant)
  • Recutting and the Emergence of the Black English Copula (Sutcliffe, David)
  • Pennsylvania German in West Virginia as a Linguistic Laboratory (Van Ness, Silke)

Volume 3 (1995)

  • Une autre langue russe? (Golubéva-Monatkina, Nathalia)
  • Linguistic Diversity and Standardization in Estonian: The History of the Active Past Participle (Keevallik, Leelo / Pajusalu, Karl)
  • Regionale Variation im Deutschen als Dialektalitätsgeographie (Scheuringer, Hermann)
  • Modelli artificialisti per la rappresentazione della variabilità linguistica nell’OLS e nell’ALS (Pennisi, Antonino)

Volume 2 (1994)

  • Unrecorded Americanisms and Canadianisms from the North Pacific and the Northern Rocky Mountains: A Documented Glossary (Deringer, Ludwig)
  • Periphrastic DO in South-Western Dialects of British English: A Reassessment (Klemola, Juhani)
  • Hungarian Regional Dialects: Their Origins and Originality (Rot, Sándor)
  • Aree lessicali italiane (dalle carte dell’AIS) (Giacomelli, Gabriella)
  • Obituary / Nécrologie / Nachruf Ossi Ihalainen: December 2, 1941 - September 15, 1993

Volume 1 (1993)

  • The Significance of New Dialects (Inoue, Fumio)
  • Welsh English: A National Language? (Penhallurick, Robert)
  • Theoretical and Methodological Problems Connected with Work on the New Stownik gwar polskich [Polish Dialect Dictionary] (Reichan, Jerzy)
  • Die deutschen Mundarten des Donau-Karpaten-Sprachraums und ihre Rolle bei der Ausbildung eines 'sekundären' karpatischen Isomorphismus (Rot Sándor)
  • Ziele und Methoden dialektologischer Stadtsprachenforschung (dargestellt am Beispiel des Vergleichs von Braunau am Inn, Österreich, und Simbach am Inn, Deutschland) (Scheuringer, Hermann)
  • Sobre a africada [tš] no português do Brasil (Marcelino Cardoso, Suzana Alice)
  • Obituary / Nécrologie / Nachruf Hans Kurath: December 13, 1891 - January 2, 1992